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Lisa Feyen’s work is characterized by a strong feminine presence in what appears to be a cosmological universe in motion. She engages the viewer with a form of questioning; the work revealing hidden secrets slowly, clue by clue. 

The work reflects constant research and material experimentation, while inspiration is drawn from the artist’s collection of vintage photography and found artifacts, and the work of artists such as Kiki Smith and Ellen Gallagher. 

Within this framework of methodology the notions of language, memory and femininity are explored within a body of work that reflects a cultural identity that shifts and changes with time.




Lisa Feyen artist and printmaker

Lisa Feyen (b. 1967, UK)

Formerly a display designer from London, Lisa settled in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand with her young family. There she completed a Bachelor of Visual Art and Design at Ideaschool, EIT, for which she was awarded top research student in 2015. 

It was at Ideaschool that Lisa discovered her love of printmaking;

“My practice is an ongoing material exploration of surface. By adding, subtracting, editing and rearranging using found images, ink and collage, my drawings evolve as an organic process. I combine this with digital image manipulation, followed by traditional printmaking processes, often sealed with encaustic wax medium to produce work with layers of meaning and materiality.”

Lisa works in her home studio, developing and extending her practice as a mixed media artist and printmaker, occasionally teaching workshops and exhibiting regularly

In addition, Lisa works at Community Arts Napier and as Voluntary Coordinator for ‘Hawke’s Bay Inkers’ regional community printmakers group. 

Enquiries for workshops and commissions welcomed.

See Lisa's Awards & Publications.



Lisa loves to share her passion for printmaking by teaching workshops.

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Screenprinting workshop

Screenprinting workshop

Copper sulphate etching workshop

Copper sulphate etching workshop




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